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Graduate International Relations Example CV

Personal information    
Surname(s) / First name(s)  Ceciliane, Chatal
Address(es)  177, Loise Circle, HR1 YH8, Hereford, United Kingdom
Telephone(s)  +44 123 45 67 89 00Mobile: +44 123 45 67 89 00
Fax(es)  +44 123 45 67 89 00
E-mail(s)  cc@example.com
Nationality(-ies)  British
Date of birth  4.16.1988
Gender  Female
Desired employment / Occupational field  International Relations
Work experience   
Dates  From January 2009 to August 2009
Occupation or position held  Office Assistant (Multicultural Student Services)
Main activities and responsibilities  While working here I assisted the department with answering phones, filing, completing member ship applications, and scheduled tutoring sessions for minority students on different subjects. I kept a detailed record of all of the center’s actions on campus. These records consist of activities, events, all publicity, and volunteer work. I was trusted to run the center with no supervision, and was provided my own key in case of an emergency. I worked here 15 to 20 hours a week.
Name and address of employer  Cranfield University Multicultural Students Services Center, Mayberry Street, HR1 YH8 Hereford
Type of business or sector  Education
Dates  From April 2007 to September 2008
Occupation or position held  Student Worker (Political Science Department)
Main activities and responsibilities  I assisted the department with a variety of office duties such as filing and data entry, but the majority of my time is spent designing, creating, planning and implementing information sessions on issues concerning politics and international affairs. I also suggested an additional information session for freshmen to educate them to better understand political science and what the coursework would entail. I worked here for 15 to hours a week, and gave extra informational sessions when my schedule allowed.
Name and address of employer  Cranfield University, Bummell Boulevard, HR1 YH8 Hereford
Type of business or sector  Education
Education and training   
Dates  From July 2006 to November 2009
Title of qualification awarded  International Baccalaureate
Principal subjects / occupational skills covered  International Relations, Advanced World Studies
Name and type of organisation providing education and training  University Name
Level in national or international classification  Level 5
Personal skills and competences  
Mother tongue(s)  French
Other language(s)  
Self-assessment  UnderstandingSpeakingWriting 
European level  ListeningReadingSpoken interactionSpoken production  
English  A1Basic UserB2Independent UserA2Basic UserA1Basic UserB1Independent User 
Hindi  B2Independent UserB1Independent UserC2Proficient User A2Independent UserB1Independent User  
Social skills and competences  I have always practiced my social skills, as I know these skills are necessary vital when presenting and discussing opinions verbally and non-verbally. From my experience with speaking with my colleagues and classmates I have learned to understand various political and cultural issues.
Organisational skills  My organizational skills are not as good as they should be, as I have practiced it little in my course studies and have always struggled with it during my adolescent years. I have been reading and studying organizational techniques and have noticed great progress over the years.
Technical skills and competences   My technical skills are average. As a student worker I have had experience with projectors, computers, fax machines, and other electronics and standard office equipment. I have also worked with electronic translators to help strengthen my foreign language skills.
Computer skills and competences  My computer skills are above average. I have worked with Linux, Windows Operating Systems, and Macs. During my internship, I spend a great amount of time on the internet searching for new marketing techniques and staying up to date on the latest political issues.
Artistic skills and competences  In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry in different languages and plan to someday write short stories. I also would not mind writing international music upon completion of my career.
Other skills and competences  In addition to studying the above languages, I have also taken courses in Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish. I speak these languages at the intermediate level. As a student, I also did volunteer tutorial work in the foreign languages department.
Driving licence(s)  Class B
Additional information  Cranfield University, May 2009
Thesis: A Cultural Comparison of America and India
   Dr. R. Blondett, Manager, Books on Politics, HR1 YH8 Hereford
   Phone: +44 123 45 67 89 00 Email: rb@example.com
   Mrs. S. Ferrand , Professor, Cranfield University, HR1 YH8 Hereford
   Phone: +44 123 45 67 89 00 Email: mrss@example.com
Annexes  Photograph