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Functional CV

A functional CV is formatted on the basis of skills.

The typical outline of a functional CV structure is:


The Summary entry is more detailed than on a typical chronological CV. It''s a descriptive approach, including details of duties like ''Acted as mediator in consumer and retailer disputes''. It''s more like the responsibilities entries in a work history than a skills summary.


This entry will relate to the specific requirements of a position, including relevant information regarding essential criteria. For example, a supervisory position would include descriptions of your supervisory role, the number of staff under supervision, and related issues.

There may be several entries, depending on the requirements of the position, and the information you wish to provide regarding your skills. A typical functional CV for an HR supervisor would for example include:

Human Resources

Employment history

Employment history refers to:

  • Position held
  • Name of employer
  • Dates of employment

Education and training

This entry can be a basic statement:

  • Qualification
  • Educational institution
  • Date of qualification

In practice, relevant training and certifications should be included to cover employer requirements in these areas. It''s advisable to ensure that all information in a functional CV is closely matched to job requirements.

Personal interests

This entry isn''t compulsory, but may assist in some areas where your interests are closely linked to the job or other aspects of employment.