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Technical Support Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
200 New Road
Hometown, NY 00000

February 23, 2009

John Smith
Smith & Harvey Ltd.
10000 Street Road
Hometown, NY 00000

Dear Mr. Smith,

Your company's posting for a Technical Support Specialist and Help Desk Technician is very appealing to me. I feel that it would allow me to bring some added value to your IT Department.

In my resume, I have itemized all of the important experience that I have gained in technical support roles doing installations, troubleshooting and basic maintenance on desktop computers, both with hardware and software. One of my skills is being able to talk to individuals without technical knowledge in such a way that they can easily grasp what is happening and how we can fix it. The fast pace of the work is something I enjoy, and obviously never knowing exactly what I will be asked to do on any given day.

My work is considered to be excellent and my reviews verify that information. I think that I can bring skills, common sense, and logic to your technical support operations and also support your MIS functions.

If you believe that I might be the right person for the job, I would enjoy speaking to you about this opportunity at your earliest convenience. I will call in several days to inquire.

Thank you for considering my application for technical support analyst and help desk technician.


Carrie Hand

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