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Chef Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
200 New Road
Hometown, NY 00000

February 23, 2009

John Smith
Buck's Country Restaurant
10000 Street Road
Hometown, NY 00000

Dear Mr. Smith,

After having seen and heard numerous good reviews about the food and service at Buck's, I decided to apply for the position Soup Chef as seen in Bigtown Press & Sun Bulletin.

I am very eager to be considered for the position, and believe that I have the qualifications and skills needed to be a top candidate. Having worked for many years as the Assistant Chef at historic O'Brien's Inn I am willing and able to step up to the next level. I have created new recipes and combinations that were well received by the guests of the Inn, with this causing average ticket receipts to increase by 30% over a 4-year period. I also have the ability to learn menu items quickly and well.

I would consider it an honor and privilege to work with you at Buck's Steak and Seafood and hope I am granted an opportunity to meet or talk with you in the very near future.

Carrie Hand

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