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Contract Administrator Cover Letter

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Dear [Salutation],

I am interested in applying for a Contract Administrator position with your reputable firm. In the latest news, I noticed that your group of professionals exceeded sales projections by 213% which will call for an expansion across North America. I would like to congratulate you on the latest changes and wish to apply for a position in your growing company.

My current position as a Contract Administrator with Anderson Research Professionals, Inc. requires managing contractors, document issues, conducting performance evaluations, and selecting professionals to ensure cost-effective solutions for our organization. I noticed that your firm has recently accepted public bidding in electronic distribution contracts; I have an extensive track record of successful biding and selecting the best vendors for my employers. In my seven years of contract administrating, I have saved my employers approximately $45.9M by making effective selections. I feel that I can assist your company in achieving its goals and purposes if given a chance to work with your professionals.

I have enclosed my resume and two references from former employers regarding my results from bidding and administrating promising contracts. Please feel free to contact each directly for confirmation of my contributions and results. You may also contact me at 000-000-0000 or you can email me at Kelly@example.com for more information and to discuss this opportunity in detail.

I look forward to your response.

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