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Career Change Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
200 New Road
Hometown, NY 00000

February 23, 2009

John Smith
Lamp Lighter Ltd.
10000 Street Road
Hometown, NY 00000

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am very interested in the customer service manager position I saw posted on CareerLinkPlus.com. After looking at the web site for a considerable amount of time, the job is even more intriguing to me. I would be very interested in talking to you about it.

There are many key strengths which I can bring to the position, this include:

  • Being a self-starter.
  • Being disciplined.
  • Being an excellent communicator.
  • Being very willing and eager to learn new things.
  • Being exceptional at customer service.

I think you will find me to be very personable and approachable. My skills in dealing with people from all walks of life should bring a wealth of assistance to your firm. My on-the-job experience is also an excellent match with the skill sets mentioned in the job posting.

I hope that you will want to meet with me soon to discuss this opportunity. You can reach me via the contact information listed above, or certainly by calling my cell number, 1-000-000-0000.

Thank you for your consideration.

Carrie Hand

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