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Scholarship Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
1000 Home Road
Hometown OH 00000

February 24, 2009

Prentice Hall
Acme Scholarship Foundation
235 8th Avenue
New York, NY 29439

Dear Mr. Hall,

This semester I will be completing my junior year at The University of Syracuse in Syracuse New York with an expected degree in Biology with a concentration in Veterinary Sciences. Through searching Google I discovered Acme Scholarship Foundation, with a closer review of your organization, as well as the scholarship requirements, I am very excited to send my application, resume, transcript, references and personal statement to you for consideration for the Achievement in Science Scholarship.

The Achievement in Science Scholarship is a great match to my interests and personal background in Veterinary work. I go into more detail in my personal statement, however, I see this as an excellent opportunity to enrich my education, as well as my personal experience, through work with farms and country veterinarians.

I greatly welcome the opportunity for a personal interview with you. I shall call your office next week confirming my materials were received and to see about any additional information needed. You can reach me via phone (000)000-0000 or email at hand@example.com.

Thank You,
Carrie Hand

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