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Salesperson Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
200 New Road
Hometown, NY 00000

February 23, 2009

John Smith
Lamp Lighter Ltd.
10000 Street Road
Hometown, NY 00000

Dear Mr. Smith,

I am sending you this fax because I was informed that there was an opening for a Salesperson at your company, Lamp Lighter Ltd. If you'll please take the time to read over my resume, I would like to show you what makes me the most qualified and best suited for this position. I have extensive industry experience. The past two years of my life have been spent at Best Sales Company, a family owned light and appliance store located outside of Philadelphia. During my time at Best Sales, I secured the Employee of the Month award 10 times. I also was recognized as Salesperson of the Year at our annual banquet. This award was given to me because I sold the most merchandise during that year.

I also learned how important it is to get along with coworkers, especially in a sales position such as the one you are offering. While some competition is healthy and even beneficial, it is crucial to keep that 'team player' attitude.

I can honestly say I have a lot of relevant experience in customer service. My time at Best Sales taught me the skills, and gave me the patience, to understand how to deal with certain customers. For example, there was a woman who came into the store and knocked over an entire shelf of light bulbs; the woman, who was naturally very upset, then proceeded to yell at my coworkers and me about the placement of our displays. I went through all of the light bulb cases (there were about 100) to determine the amount of damage. After I had everything cleaned up, I found the woman and apologized for the confusion, and calmed her down. There were many situations like this, and I am proud to say that I have never been other than a courteous and professional salesperson to a customer.

After review of my experience and qualifications I think you'll discover that I am well qualified for the opening for Salesperson. Please feel free to contact me via the fax number listed above or the email address found on my resume. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.


Carrie Hand

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