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Sales Copywriter Cover Letter

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Dear [Salutation],

I am writing in response to your advertisement in Direct Marketing News for a Sales Copywriter position in your organization. I feel that my experience, education, and skills match the requirements and preferences mentioned in your job description. In my previous work, I have gained a consistent 10% response rate in my direct mailing campaigns and grossed over $40M in sales. This numbers are quantifiable results to prove my ability to earn a considerable reputation for this position.

In the advertisement, you stated that you prefer an innovative leader that has a successful track record and understand the dynamics of direct mail. My employment with CarsonStingerKlay Marketing created a new avenue for me in developing direct marketing trademarks. At this time, I have ten author credits with titles including Copywriting Skills (2004), Teach Yourself Basics of Copywriting (2005), Words that Increase Sales (2005), Breaking Sales Resistance (2006), and Market Like A Pro (2007).

For further evidence of my qualifications, I have enclosed my resume, portfolio password to access my work online, and two references from former employers. Please feel free to contact me at 000-000-0000 or 000-000-0000 if you require more information regarding my experience and to discuss this opportunity in detail.

I look forward to your response.

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