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Freelance Cover Letter

Carrie Hand
200 New Road
Hometown, NY 00000

February 23, 2009

John Smith
Smith Publications Company
10000 Street Road
Hometown, NY 00000

Dear Mr. Smith,

I found a posting for the need of your company for a freelance writer and am very interested in the position.

One of my jobs in my current position is writing the company newsletter. I write feature articles as well as important articles about benefits, safety, and teamwork. The newsletter is distributed in hard copy to employees at the company but is also sent via email to various other constituents as a communication tool.

In writing the newsletter, I have had to do research and make contacts with a variety of individuals, from health care providers to OSHA representatives. It has been an extremely satisfying and rewarding part of my career as a freelancer.

I am not new to freelance writing and have accumulated a varied portfolio of articles, a few of which I have sent along with my resume. Additional information can be found at the following website - URL. Back issues of all of the newsletters can be found there.

I hope to hear from you soon, and would be delighted to come in for an interview.



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