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Example of CSE Format

CSE/CBE Formatting and Style

CSE style, formerly called CBE style, is a citation style preferred for writing formal papers regarding natural sciences i.e. biology, geology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. This style was established by Council of Science Editors (CSE) to help the writers in citing resources in their papers on natural science more efficiently and precisely. CSE/CBE style gives the writer flexibility to use two different systems for citation: Superscript System and Name-Year System. Usually the professors specify which system to use, otherwise anyone of them can be used but Superscript System is preferential because of its vibrant nature. Name-Year System is simple, just like any other citation system by writing the name of the author and then the year. Superscript system can have different forms e.g. within parenthesis 'Source (1)', within brackets 'Source [1]' or superscript numerical 'Source1'.

Following key points should be observed when writing in a CSE/CBE format:

  • Standard 8.5 x 11-inch white paper
  • 1 inch margin on top, bottom, left and right
  • 12 pt. Legitimate font (Times New Roman is most commonly used)
  • Double-spaced text throughout the paper
  • Indent the first line of every paragraph one half-inch from the left margin
  • Title Page should be unnumbered
  • Every page must have a header with (shortened or complete) title of the paper in all caps on the left margin and page number on the right margin
  • CBE/CSE style generally has an abstract, however, it is not mandatory. Most of the professors categorically specify whether to include abstract or not. In CBE/CSE format, Abstract is NOT on a separate page.
  • Any image, chart or graph or any illustration should be placed as close as possible to the relevant text. Usually illustrations are placed at the top of the page.

Give below is a sample paper in CSE/CBE format titled as 'Types and Treatment of Angioedmea - A Lethal Disease' with superscript system.

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