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Example of Hardware

Originally the word 'hardware' meant literally hardware, like tools, power tools and other trades equipment. The word has taken on multiple roles since computerization. It's now effectively a homonym which means machinery or solid equipment of any kind, as directly opposed to software. Grammatically, this has altered the usage of the word into a qualifier.

The extension of the meaning has however also solved a problem in terms of clarifying usage. Software has created a need for references to direct physical connections and the term hardware in IT usage has drastically expanded as a result.

Examples of Hardware:

Old usage:

We'll need to go to the hardware shop and pick up some new sandpaper, a power drill, and a shovel.

New usage:

The new software has created a requirement for new hardware to speed up processing and improve performance.

The new hardware needs special software, particularly new microroutines, to work efficiently.


Image Example of Hardware:

CPU is a piece of computer hardware.