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Examples of 1970s Cars

Isuzu Gemini.
Example of Isuzu Gemini car.

Jensen Interceptor III Convertible (1974).
Example of Jensen Interceptor car.

Lancia Beta.
Example of Lancia Beta Coupe car.

Nissan 280ZX.
Example of Nissan 280ZX car.

Buick Century.
Example of Buick Century car.

Ferrari 400/412.
Example of Ferrari 400 car.

Bandini Saloncino.
Example of Bandini Saloncino car.

Dodge Challenger
Example of Dodge Challenger car.

MP Lafer.
Example of MP Lafer car.

1975-76 Chrysler Newport hardtop coupe.
Example of Chrysler Newport hardtop coupe car.

Mercury Comet.
Example of Mercury Comet car.

Pontiac Grand Am.
Example of Pontiac Grand Am car.