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Example of Ultra Vires

A legal term meaning outside the legal powers of a government body or agency. Legally, governments are given powers by a constitution. An action outside those powers is ultra vires, and may be held to be illegal by a court. In corporate law, may also mean an action not permitted by the articles of the company.

Examples of Ultra Vires:

Corporate law: A contract may not be entered into unless approved by the board. If a company director enters into a contract without this approval, the contract is considered void, because the director's action is ultra vires.
First Amendment of the United States Constitution: Congress cannot pass a law prohibiting freedom of speech, which is specifically ultra vires under the terms of this amendment.

Image Example of Ultra Vires:

In the city of wilmington (pop. 72,664), resides the delaware supreme court, which through the delaware general corporation law regulates 60% of american corporations: some of the world's largest, wealthiest and most influential.

The french declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen, whose principles still have constitutional value.