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Example of Ownership

Ownership is a concept of possession of property. The idea embodies a right to exclusive, overriding occupation or use of property. Ownership is technically defined as equity, and it's possible to have partial ownership of property by establishing proportionate equity rights to it. In common usage, ownership also means domination or control.

Inside Ownership: Inside ownership is typically the percentage of a company''s outstanding shares that are held by insiders. Organizations holding 10% of a company''s shares are what would be considered insiders.

Take owner ship: To take ownership of something is to claim that item as your own, to take responsibility for owning someone or something.

Examples of Ownership:

The premises are owned by a company.
The company is owned by private equity holdings.
Private equity is owned by companies, which are themselves owned by other companies.
They didn't just play that game, they owned it.
I don't think you can claim ownership of a cliche.