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Jargon is considered the curse of many languages. Jargon is in effect a sub language comprised of made up words, reengineered words which are given different meanings, and usually used in professions or more generally as slang.

Whether anyone likes it or not, it is sometimes a far quicker way of saying things, and it does mean more to people who know the references:

Examples of jargon

Jargon Monetization of derivatives created the paradigm crash.

Explanation of jargon Turning things like mortgage securities into marketable money making assets was the basis of the conceptual failure of the schemes.

Jargon It's written for skimmers, browsers and one liners.

Explanation of jargon It's written for people who read the headlines and basic outline, people who browse articles, and people who only read the headlines.

Jargon I was doing Giga hertz all night across platforms trying to run that.

Explanation of jargon I was working at top speed all night across multiple operating systems trying to get that program to run.

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