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Example of Make Your own Invitations

Making your own invitations is not only fun, it's a great way of getting exactly what you want. You're not stuck with whatever's in the shops, schlock-based designs, or those wonderful price tags we all love.

You can make very good quality invitations with a bit of practice. The best invitations are those with real creative flair and imagination. They're actually a matter of taste and style, and you can fire them off to friends you know will get the jokes, too.


A good invitation needs:

  • A theme or motif. What sort of design and graphics would you like?
  • A reason for the invitation. This can be fun. You can have a ball with your friends figuring out ways of inviting them to a party or other event.
  • Formal, fancy dress, come as you are? Think about this one. If you've got friends who know how to fancy dress, have formal clothes, and/or who won't scare the cat if they come as they are, this part of the invitation can be a riot.

Types of invitation

Do you want:

  • RSVP?
  • Card and envelope?
  • E-card?
  • Colorful?
  • Formal?

Creative invitations equipment

For your own invitations, you will need:

  • A good printer which can do print runs on good quality card
  • A current graphics card on your computer
  • A scanner
  • Good graphics software
  • Suitable envelopes and stationery

Invitation content

Your invitations should contain this information:

  • Names of people invited (preferably highlighted or in fancy text)
  • The place, time and date of the event or party
  • Instructions for the party (fancy dress, BYO, food, gifts, etc.)
  • Reply contacts:
  • RSVP with envelope or contacts
  • Dates for reply
  • Personalized content for each addressee (Notes, etc. on the invitation)

Making your own invitations can be real fun, and it also encourages the people you invite more than store-bought invitations.