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Examples of Softwood Trees

Agathis australis.
Example of Kauri Tree.

Korean fir (Abies koreana) cone and foliage.
Example of Fir Tree.

Araucaria columnaris.
Example of Araucaria Tree.

Torreya nucifera.
Example of Kaya Tree.

Foliage and green cone, mount rainier national park.
Example of Yellow Cedar Tree.

A mature rimu.
Example of Rimu Tree.

Example of Sugi Tree.

Norway spruce (Picea abies).
Example of Spruce Tree.

Del norte titan, the fourth largest coast redwood.
Example of Redwood Tree.

Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster).
Example of Pine Tree.

A cedar in lebanon.
Example of Cedar Tree.

Juniperus bermudiana was the key to Bermuda's shipbuilding industry, and used in building houses, and in furniture..
Example of Cypress Tree.

Rocky mountain douglas-fir foliage.
Example of Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir Tree.

Tsuga heterophylla.
Example of Tsuga Tree.

Larix decidua in autumn
Example of Larch Tree.