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Examples of Hardwood Trees

Malus-Apples and crabapples.
Example of Malus Tree.

Cottonwood tree in the fall.
Example of Cottonwood Tree.

Sugar maple.
Example of Maple Tree.

The Duke prosper oak.
Example of Oak Tree.

Olive tree 'Olea europea' on bar, montenegro which is over 2,000 years old.
Example of Olive Tree.

Chinese toon tree (Toona sinensis).
Example of Toona Tree.

Santalum paniculatum.
Example of Sandalwood Tree.

Teak foliage and seeds.
Example of Teak Tree.

Buds, capsules and foliage of Eucalyptus.
Example of Eucalyptus Tree.

The Biscarrosse elm, france, planted 1350.
Example of Elm Tree.

Hickory at morton arboretum.
Example of Hickory Tree.

Juglans major.
Example of Walnut Tree.

Ochroma pyramidale at the large tree habit at tropical gardens of maui.
Example of Balsa Tree.

Tilia tomentosa.
Example of Tilia Tree.

Salix alba 'Vitellina-Tristis'
Example of Willow Tree.