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Example of GDP

GDP is the Gross Domestic Product. This is a figure calculating the total value (net) of all goods and services in a nation for a year. Comparison of GDP figures provides data on the state of the macro economy, whether it's growing or shrinking, and breakdown of sector numbers indicates performance in areas like industry, finance, labor markets, etc. This is actually a measure of economic production, and analysis of GDP data is used to predict trends and identify areas of concern. GDP figures are commonly used in the finance, business and government sectors as basal data.

Examples of GDP:

World GDP 2008- $60,917,477 billion USD
European Union- 18,387, 785
USA- $14,441,425
Japan- $4,910,692
China- $4,327,448

Note: These are IMF figures.


Image Example of GDP:

GDP (PPP) per capita.