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Example of Low GI Foods

Low GI means 'low Glycemic Index'. The Glycemic Index was invented as a systematic analysis of the dietary factors related to sugars and diabetes. Low GI actually relates to glucose levels. It was found that low GI foods prevented glucose spikes commonly experienced by diabetics.

The glucose spikes aren't much use to people without diabetes, either. Glucose is a transitory process in circulation, producing energy bursts which are actually unhelpful because they use up nutrients. They create an artificial, unnecessary high metabolic process.

Far worse, in large quantities they produce fat, and can lead to diabetes. Glucose stimulates the production of too much insulin, and that promotes fat storage.

As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons for eating low GI foods, even if you don't go to the extent of a full low GI diets. Low GI foods are complex carbohydrates, 'slow burners', which are particularly good nutrients, as distinct from simple carbohydrates like refined sugars, which are 'fast burners'.

Low GI foods therefore have more actual food value, and the low GI foods last longer and are more filling. That can actually help your food budget.

Low GI diets

Low GI diets do promote weight loss, simply because they metabolize very differently. As a matter of fact, occasional low GI foods are good alternatives to compulsive snacks. If you're a secret snacker, part of the reason for that compulsion is that the energy burst, naturally, creates a demand for more energy to make up for the lost energy. Low GI foods take the edge off that effect, because you're actually digesting your food better.

A low GI diet can also correct dietary imbalances created by bad eating habits. The trick is to select a range of low GI foods that you really like.

The benefits are:

  • Lose weight
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Reduce hunger
  • Prolong endurance
  • Restore energy levels properly after exercise

Whatever shape you're in, low GI diets can help.