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Examples of Onomatopoeia


These are words which sound like the action they describe.

Examples of onomatopoeia:



A personification is used to identify a concept or an ideology. The person is used as a working example of the ideas contained in the concepts.

Examples of personification

Voltaire is the personification of a philosophical satirist.
Magellan is the personification of an explorer setting out into the unknown.
Nelson Mandela is the personification of a person dedicated to his people.


Consonance has two basic grammatic meanings which are quite different:

  1. To be in harmony or complete agreement.
  2. Words using closely related sounds, and/or in a similar pattern.

Examples of consonance:

  1. The two parties were in consonance regarding the new arrangement, agreeing entirely with the principles of the resolution.
  2. (a) All, pall, mall, tall, weak, leak, teak, beak.

Note: There is also a musical term consonance, relating to harmonies and intervals between notes as a principle to define consonance or dissonance.