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Home businesses self employment: The home based media producers

If there's one business on Earth where being mobile, contactable, and not having to be glued to other people's ideas of time frames is vital, it's media production. Time and space are vital commodities for anyone in creative and commercial media. A home based business means you can start work instantly, and work in your own preferred environment without distractions.

Example: Ian and Sandra Davies, media producers

Ian and Sandra are professional multimedia producers. They started out working for production companies, which involved long hauls out onto location, long hours in pre and post production conferences and work, and doing one job at a time. This was not only professionally frustrating, it was dismal business. They weren't making anything like the kind of money they could have made. They had to knock back job offers, because of commitments to this work.

It didn't take them long to discover that other people in their line of work were running their own businesses, and usually operating from home. Their friends in the industry were able to control their times a lot better, and were doing enough business to also be able to make much more money.

Ian and Sandra were a bit wary, at first, because they had paying regular jobs, which are rare enough in media to be a major consideration. The decision was eventually made for them by a job offer from a client who liked their work. This was a bit of a problem, because technically the person was a client of the production company. They explained the situation to the manager of the production company, who stunned them by saying they should take the job.

The manager then surprised them further by saying this was a natural development of their work, and that the company would be happy to keep them on contract. That effectively let them keep their jobs, while taking them off the professional leash, and they happily set up their new business at home. All they had to do was get the right business license from the local government so their home was now an officially registered place of business.

They found themselves deluged with work. They'd unknowingly got a very good reputation while working with the production company, and as specialists in various forms of media, their skills were very much in demand. They could now control their time and space, being let out of their earlier commitments, and a thriving business developed.

Within a year, they were able to rent a studio for the more technically demanding production work. They were making more in a month than they'd made in the previous two years.