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Letter seeking the return of the security deposit

Hammet Anjeb
444 High Road
Hometown OH

Dear Mr. Anjeb

This is in reference to the house at 450 High Road.

When my family and I moved into the house on the 15th of January back in 2000, I signed a standard rental agreement and paid a security deposit of $800 along with my first month's rent. I was under the impression that you had taken photographs of the apartment before we moved in for reference if we moved out.

Unfortunately we had to vacate the house in January of this year. We left the house, as well as turned in the keys for the front and rear doors, the storage shed, and the trash bin on time. The house was in perfect condition as evident by the photos which we took and submitted to you on the day we left.

As of this date, we have still to receive the return of the security deposit of $800.

According to the terms of the lease agreement we had with you, the deposit was to be held in an interest-bearing account and scheduled to be returned within sixty days of our vacating the house. This deadline passed one month ago.

Please send a check for the full $800 plus interest to the address listed above at your earliest convenience.

Martin Hamsted