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Example of Personal Mission Statement

Personal vision statements briefly describe ones aspirations and dreams for their future. Personal vision statements focus on the future and should clear, easy to understand, and inspiring to the person who wrote it. A personal vision statement should describe the future goals of a person and how they hope to accomplish these goals.

How long is a typical Personal Vision Statement?

A good personal vision statement will vary in length depending on the person writing it. A personal vision statement can be as short as one or two sentences, to pages long depending on the aspirations of the person writing it. While vision statements are typically shorter, the length varies for personal vision statements.

How to get started.

Start by making a list of your goals and aspirations or what you want to accomplish in the future. This could be anything from how you plan on working towards a specific career or degree, learn a new skill, travel, or other goals. Make lists of what you know and what you would like to know. Think of your own personal values and the values taught to you, and how you would like to improve yourself and your family life. Remember to not use any negative words or phrases, vision statements are supposed to be positive and inspirational.

Sometimes it helps to make lists such as:
  • What tasks you are good at and how well you do them
  • Your interests, hobbies or passions
  • The special people in your life
    • Family and close friends
    • Community members and coworkers
    • The people you help
  • Your beliefs and philosophies
  • Your future plans and objectives
  • Meaningful positive words
  • With this list, select the most important thoughts and ideas and generate your personal vision statement.

    Sample Vision Statement

    To strive to be a better person, and know when I need to change, to learn from my mistakes and be able to teach others what I''ve learned. To forgive not only others for their mistakes, but to learn to also forgive myself for my own errors. To love those around me, and care for those I have not yet met.