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Example of Facebook Mission Statement(for a Facebook group/organization)

A Facebook Mission statement will differ for each organization. A Facebook mission statement should represent the core principals and purpose of the group and describe the function of the group in a few sentences. In most cases this will be the first thing (aside from the group name) that people interested in your group will read. The mission statement should be interesting and accurately describe the organization's goals.

How long is a typical Facebook Mission Statement

Mission statements are generally two to four sentences in length and briefly describe the core principles and beliefs of an organization or group. Often future plans are incorporated into a mission statement.

How to get started.

Mission Statements vary from company to company and there is no right way to write a mission statement. Think about the objective of your group and what you want to offer group members. Why are you creating this group and what is it purpose? Researching similar Facebook groups can also provide insight when writing a mission statement.

A Sample Mission Statement

To give people all around the world the opportunity to meet, discuss, and share in their passion for our organization.