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Example of Education Mission Statement

An educational vision statement is a short concise message of the future goals of the educational organization. This vision statement is easy to understand but powerful and inspiring to students and teachers. The vision statement should focus on the aspirations and goals that the educational organization hopes to accomplish emphasizing on future benefits that would rely on patron donations.

How long is a typical educational vision statement?

Generally, good educational vision statements are short, only three to five sentences in length. The vision statement is often reviewed and rewritten every few years when milestones are achieved and new goals are established.

How to get started.

A simple method in writing an educational vision statement would be to read examples of other educational vision statements to get an idea of what is expected. Then generate a list of the goals and future accomplishments for your own educational organization. Some things to consider:

  • Courses - What courses offered are really good, what courses need improvement?
  • Facilities - classrooms, sports facilities, etc - how are they good, how can they be improved?
  • Technology - what technology do you have, what do you need?
  • The People
    • Students, teachers, aides, etc
    • School leaders
    • Community members
  • How to improve student life
  • Educational Values and Philosophy
  • Future plans and objectives

Once you feel the list is finished, decide on the most important points and focus on these for your vision statement.