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Example of Church Mission Statement

A church vision statement should be a clear, inspirational and powerful message describing the beliefs of the patrons of the church and the future objective and goals of the church. The vision statement should be short and concise and focus on the future goals of the church.

How long is a Church Vision Statement?

Vision statements vary in length, but are typically three to five sentences in length and describe the future goals of the church.

How to get started.

An easy way to get started is to write a list of what your church would like to do or offer to its patrons such as youth bible studies, charity events, or family days. Think about the future goals of the church both short term and long term. Think of what changes you want to make to services that are already offered and how you can improve the church's activities, patron involvement and community interaction. It is a good idea to get input from other church members and generate ideas together.

To help generate your vision statement it helps to make a list. Write down ideas such as:
  • The services your church offers, how often, for which groups, etc.
  • Technology - What technology does your church offer?
  • List the people involved in your church
    • The congregation and other members of your church.
    • The community around the church and its involvement within the church.
    • How your church helps people.
  • The values and philosophy or beliefs of your church
  • Your church's vision for the future, its goals and objectives.

Once this list is complete, pick out the best points and use those to generate your vision statement.

Our mission is to spread the word of our faith, sharing knowledge and religion with those in need of guidance; to provide pro-active outreach programs to teens and young adults, and involve them in their community and church services. We hope to not only teach our current patrons but also reach out to those in need, whether they are in our community or abroad.