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Mission Statement of UBS

" We support the development, validation, promotion and dissemination of innovative approaches and ideas to improve the education, protection and health of disadvantaged children around the globe, regardless of their political, religious or ethnic backgrounds.To do this, we seek out competent, innovative partner organizations that are willing to promote effective, sustainable change. We support these partners financially and where necessary, with advice. We actively promote the transfer of knowledge and the formation of new networks between our partners and other sponsors.Geographically, we primarily concentrate on regions with the greatest need for action in terms of the defined grant areas: on the countries in the southern hemisphere*. However, the focal area 'Protection from Violence and Sexual Abuse' is further supported in northern, western and industrialized countries due to the need for action there.As a foundation established by UBS, we promote the shared philanthropic commitment of clients, management and employees. We make every effort to ensure that the funds entrusted to us are used to maximum effect. "