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Mission Statement of Scottish & Southern Energy

" We are committed to eight principles of corporate responsibility, focused on issues of particular significance to the company and the sectors in which we operate. The principles adopted reflect four impact areas defined by Business in the Community: workplace; environment; marketplace; and community. They have also been selected on the basis that there are clear and measurable performance indicators. Our principles of corporate responsibility are:achieving the highest standards of health and safety performance;providing opportunities for employees to be shareholders in the company;being actively responsible by complying with and exceeding, where appropriate, all statutory and regulatory environmental requirements; prioritising, and continually improving, environmental performance across all activities; working to ensure that the quality of service delivered to customers is sector-leading;responding effectively to any customer concerns about products and services;ensuring that the communities which we serve have a safe and reliable supply of electricity;encouraging employees to be good citizens in the communities in which they live and work "