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Mission Statement of Ricoh

" his entire philosophy has been developed to create and maintain an organization that is capable of the highest degree of customer service and employee satisfaction. Ricoh Business Solutions, Pac West will always strive to be: An organization where teamwork and employee involvement is paramount, allowing all employees to use and expand their strengths and talents to the fullest of their ability. Where each employee will feel a personal responsibility for the care of our customers and the success of Ricoh Business Solutions, Pac West . Where all employees are treated with respect. An organization where policies and procedures are clear and simple. Where employees have sufficient understanding of company ethics, guidelines and goals so an informed decision can be made at the level closest to the problem and that those decisions will be for the good of the whole organization rather than a specific individual or group within the organization. An organization that is recognized in Southern California, by our customers and our competitors, for first class service, high standards and exceptional employee loyalty. We should consider our greatest challenge in overcoming competition to strengthen the knowledge of our people within our organization so that performance continually grows stronger each month as we pass through each year.An organization with a strong financial base which provides long-term security for our employees and our customers. We will challenge ourselves to grow Ricoh Business Solutions, Pac West at a steady rate of 15% a year with a sufficient net profit that will allow us to take on new opportunities as our industry continues to evolve and mature.An organization that keeps our efforts and products well focused so we can do what we do very well, that we stay on the progressive but stable edge of our industry. We will constantly strive to be the best in our industry, and to service our customers to the best of our ability. "