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Mission Statement of PNC Financial Services Group

" For more than 150 years, PNC has been committed to providing our clients with great service and powerful financial expertise to help them meet their financial goals. We are also proud of our longstanding history of supporting the communities we serve - in education and the arts, and in many other ways. Here are the values developed by our employees that have guided us in the past - and continue to guide us today: Performance - We apply knowledge, experience and innovation to develop and deliver the right solutions to all of our customers - large and small, retail and commercial. These fundamental skills have been critical to our success in the highly competitive financial industry. Customer Focus - Working hand-in-hand with our financial capabilities is our commitment to know our customers and understand their needs, concerns and aspirations. It"s this combination of financial skills and customer focus that allows us to make it easier for people to manage everyday banking tasks, as well as to meet their most important financial goals.Respect - Understanding that great banking and customer service require speed and flexibility, we trust the capabilities, character and judgment of our colleagues, and empower them to make decisions and deliver quality and value for our customers.Integrity - We"ve been conducting business with the highest ethical standards for more than 150 years because we know that our customers must be able to trust us to "do the right thing" in all situations and circumstances. Diversity - We understand the critical value of our differences, and of our individual and collective strengths and skills. We celebrate this diversity and proudly apply these strengths to our business practices and customer service. Teamwork - In our business, you can"t be successful without a commitment to teamwork throughout every level of the organization. We work together to meet our goals and, in the process, to help our customers meet their goals. Quality of Life - We recognize the importance of a healthy balance between business and personal life. We support a commitment to family and personal life, and support our employees as they contribute to the health and well-being of the communities in which they live. "