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Mission Statement of Mapfre Group (only principles)

" MAPFRE"s business activity is based on the following principles:Global offer. We wish to offer our clients a full range of products and services to prevent and cover their risks and to meet their savings and personal and family needs.Multinational vocation. We aim to grow mainly within our natural markets: the European Union and Latin American countries, with whom we share historical and ties and a common language.Specialisation. MAPFRE is divided into business units and companies with a large degree of managerial independence and which have specific teams and structures for the various activities we carry out. This enables us to ensure maximum efficiency in our service to the client.Decentralization. Through our Territorial Network of over 2,500 offices, we bring the decision-making process closer to the location of problems, thus achieving maximum management agility, whilst utilising the resources and capacities of the whole of our organisation.Coordinated action. The independent management of the MAPFRE"s various Operative Units and Companies is carried out within the framework of common objectives and strategies, and general policies on action coordinated by the MAPFRE"s top governing bodies.Making the most of synergies. The independent action of the MAPFRE"s Operative Units and Companies is complemented by providing the common services required for coordination and to make the most of synergies.Dedication to leadership. It is our aim to be leaders in all the markets and sectors in which we operate.High quality of service to clients. We seek quality, both for ethical reasons and because we are convinced that providing a good service is the most efficient way to achieve customer loyalty.Permanently seeking efficiency. We seek to optimise management of our resources, in order to pass on the maximum benefit possible of our activity to our clients. "