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Mission Statement of Iberdrola

" IBERDROLA"s vision, which integrates the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability, is based on five values that represent firm commitments of the company:Corporate ethics and responsibility: IBERDROLA is committed to corporate governance best practices, business ethical principles and transparency in all the areas of its activities. Responsible behavior by all those who form a part of IBERDROLA members is a firm directive;Financial results: IBERDROLA"s commitment to achieving the growth and profitability objectives outlined in the company"s Strategic Plan is the means of ensuring business success and satisfying the demands and expectations of all those with an interest in IBERDROLA"s present or future; Respect for the environment: IBERDROLA"s commitment to clean energy is one of the pillars of our model for an energy company in the 21st century. We work to ensure that respect for the environment is perceived and recognized as a value which distinguishes and identifies us as a company;Trust: IBERDROLA wants to be a company capable of creating trust among all those who participate in and are otherwise involved with the company, through the establishment of a permanent dialogue;Sense of belonging: IBERDROLA works to establish solid and durable ties with its interest groups, so that they develop a sense of belonging to an excellent company of which they are an integral part and sense of involvement with its purpose. "