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Example of GIS

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information System. This is not the same as the Global Positioning System, which is derived from it. The GIS refers to the entire information system, including the networks, hardware, people, and related software and applications that make up the GIS. The system is based on land and mapping data derived from satellite data, topographic systems, surveys, and related mapping software. On this framework, systems like the GPS are created as an overlay on the fundamental data. Street directories, for example, are charted in relation to GIS system data.

Examples of GIS:

These are some of the typical uses of a GIS system:

Environmental mapping
Scientific analysis of regional or global data
Crime research
Zoological research
Seismology monitoring
Oceanic research

Image Example of GIS:

A simple vector map, using each of the vector elements: points for wells, lines for rivers, and a polygon for the lake.

E. W. Gilbert's version (1958) of john snow's 1855 map of the soho cholera outbreak showing the clusters of cholera cases in the london epidemic of 1854.