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Example of Wedding Task List

Sample Wedding Task List

Wedding Date October 24, 2010
Task List Due Date Date Completed Notes
One year + - 7 months
Research rings and stone settings 01/27/10
Set Wedding Budget 01/27/10
Set Wedding Date 01/27/10
Announce Engagement in local newspaper and social websites. 01/27/10
Discuss Wedding theme and details 01/27/10
Book Ceremony and Receptions sites. 01/27/10
Hire a caterer or other food service vendor. 01/27/10
Hire Officiant 01/27/10
Prepare Guest List 01/27/10
Research local Hotels and other accommodations for out of town guests. 01/27/10
Hire musicians, band, and or DJ for Wedding and Reception. 01/27/10
Set Bridal Party and Groomsmen 01/27/10
Begin shopping for Bridal Gown 01/27/10
Shop for Groom's Tuxedo/suit 01/27/10
Begin shopping for Bridal party gowns. 01/27/10
Shop for Groomsmen Tuxedos/suits 01/27/10
Hire a photographer/videographer 01/27/10
Research local florists and wedding decorations 01/27/10
Finalize any contracts with hired vendors. 01/27/10
Create Wedding Registry 01/27/10
6 months
Finalize Guest List 04/27/10
Finalize Wedding Party Attendants 04/27/10
Purchase Bridal Gown 04/27/10
Purchase Groom's Tuxedo/suit 04/27/10
Purchase bridesmaid's dresses. 04/27/10
Notify Groomsmen's of where to be measured and fitted for suits/tuxedos 04/27/10
Purchase Bride's accessories (veil, shoes, jewelry, etc) 04/27/10
Research Honeymoon destinations 04/27/10
Select and finalize arrangements with florist 04/27/10
Order wedding cake 04/27/10
Start Planning rehearsal (Groom's parents plan rehearsal dinner) 04/27/10
Arrange for transportation for the Bridal Party and attendants to and from the wedding. 04/27/10
4 months
Get Blood Tests and Marriage License 06/26/10
Shop for wedding rings 06/26/10
Order Wedding Stationary and Invitations 06/26/10
Order all Men's Attire 06/26/10
Inform mothers to select their dresses. 06/26/10
Finalize honeymoon details and make the necessary reservations. 06/26/10
2 months
Confirm Reception Menu and Catering Details 08/25/10
Prepare maps and Directions to Ceremony site, Directions to Reception site, AND Directions TO Reception Site FROM Ceremony Site 08/25/10
Purchase Wedding Rings 08/25/10
Purchase Wedding and Reception Guest Books 08/25/10
Set Dates for Rehearsal with Bridal Party and Officiant 08/25/10
Plan any other pre-wedding parties and gatherings 08/25/10
Purchase Wedding Programs 08/25/10
Finalize all details with Florist, Musicians and other vendors. 08/25/10
Set Rehearsal Dinner location and time.  08/25/10
Finalize Wedding Cake details 08/25/10
6 weeks
Mail invitations and announcements 09/12/10
Set appointments for formal Wedding portraits 09/12/10
Hire limousine or other transportation for Bridal Party 09/12/10
4 weeks
Finalize Menu for Reception, estimate final guest count. 09/26/10
Purchase Gift for Bride/Groom 09/26/10
Final Gown Fitting 09/26/10
Purchase Travel outfits 09/26/10
Pick up your wedding rings. 09/26/10
Purchase any last minute wedding accessories 09/26/10
Confirm florist arrangements and delivery times. 09/26/10
Finalize Ceremony and Reception Seating Arrangements 09/26/10
Write Place Cards 09/26/10
Final Bridal Party gown fitting 09/26/10
Select First Dance and Parent Dance songs 09/26/10
2 weeks
Finalize legal details such as name change and change of address. 10/10/10
Ensure all Wedding Party attire is ready 10/10/10
1 week
Review any seating details with the ushers. 10/17/10
Make sure all wedding attire fits. 10/17/10
Finalize the seating arrangements. 10/17/10
Reconfirm your honeymoon reservations. Ensure you have any necessary plane tickets. 10/17/10
Start packing for your honeymoon. 10/17/10
Call any guests who have not responded yet. 10/17/10
Finish all the place cards for the reception. 10/17/10
Review all the final details with your photographer, videographer, etc. 10/17/10
Give a final head count to the caterer. 10/17/10
Confirm the availability of the musicians and vocalists. 10/17/10
Delegate responsibilities to reliable individuals on your wedding day. 10/17/10
Wrap and present the wedding party gifts. 10/17/10
Finalize your rehearsal dinner arrangements or other plans. 10/17/10
Day Before
Relax and prepare for the big day! 10/23/10
Day of
Make sure the best man and maid of honor sign the wedding certificate 10/24/10
Allow yourself plenty of time to get dressed. 10/24/10
Be sure to eat properly. 10/24/10
Rest and relax with a good bath. 10/24/10
Prepare for your hairdresser and makeup appointments. 10/24/10
Enjoy your wonderful wedding and cherish each and every moment! 10/24/10

Notes on Wedding Task List Example

Use this Sample Wedding Task List to prepare and place for your wedding. Enter your Wedding Date and the Due Date column will be filled in for you.

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