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Excel Template For A Purchase Order

Company Name                                                      Purchase Order
Company Slogan (remove if not applicable)

Street Address Order No_________________________
City, State, Zip Date ________________________
Phone: 1-234-567-8910 Customer ID_______________________
Fax: 1-234-567-8910 Delivery Date_______________________

Purchaser Info Name__________________________ Ship to Name_____________________________
Company Name___________________ Company Name___________________
Street Address____________________ Street Address_______________________
City, State, Zip____________________ City, State, Zip_______________________
Phone___________________________ Phone_____________________________

Sales Person Job Shipping Terms Shipping Method Delivery Date Payment Terms Due Date

Item #
Unit Price
123xyz 1 Item Description 5.99 5.99
567abc 4 Item Description 11.99 47.96
Sales Tax
Other Fees
Grand Total

Authorized by:_______________________

Thank you for your order!

Notes on Purchase Order Template Example

Fill in the necessary information into this example Purchase order. In order for the formula to work correctly
Quantity and Unit Price must be filled in. The total amount will automatically display in the Total column.
Under Sales Tax, you must enter the exact sales tax with the percent(%) sign, for example 6.75% not 6.75.
You will also need to fill in your company"s shipping rate. The Grand Total will fill in automatically for you.

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