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Example of Personal Networth Statement

Personal Networth Statement

Total Net Worth  

Assets Debts
Checking Account   Mortgage/Rent Payment  
Savings Account   Utility Bills  
CD's/Money Market Accounts   Credit Card/Loan Payments  
Other   Other Monthly Debts  
Investments Taxes Due
Stocks   Federal  
Bonds   State  
Notes Receivable   Local  
Other Marketable Securities/Funds   Other  
Personal Properties Loans
Furniture, Large Appliances, other   Vehicle/Boat Loan  
Computer Equipment & Accessories   Installment Loans  
Antiques/Collectibles   Life Insurance borrowings  
Art   Profit-Sharing Loans  
Car, Motorcycle, Boat, other   Other  
Non-Liquid Investments Mortgages
Home/Property   Total Home Mortgage  
Vacation Home/Property   Vacation Property  
Retirement Funds   Property Investments  
Real Estate Investments   Other  
Total   Total  

Notes on Personal Networth Statement Example

Fill in the information for both columns to calculate your networth.

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