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Examples of Personal Finance

Our Personal Finance Examples are designed to be easy to use and help you estimate a variety of finicial needs. Each finance calculator also contains additional comments and instructions. We have also included a few additional references at the bottom of the page.

  Stock certificate

Sample Stock Certificate Example

Audit checklist

Sample Audit Checklist Example

Startup expenses

Start Up Expenses Sheet Example

  Debt to income ratio sheet

Debt to Income Ratio Sheet Example

Home Affordability Worksheet

Home Affordability Worksheet Example

Check Book Register

Check Book Register Example

  Donation Form Example

Donation Form Example

Sample college savings worksheet

College Savings Worksheet Example

Stock Card Sample

Stock Card Example

Examples of Personal Finance:

Self Audit Checklist
SQA Audit Checklist
Audit Checklist for the Growing Business
Debt to Income Ratio Worksheet for Direct Loan Appeal
Online Donation Form
Recurring Credit Card Donation Form
Using Excel to Keep a Checkbook Register