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Example of Income Statement Template

Example Income Statement

Company Name    
Street Address   Date____________________
City, State, Zip Statement Period____________________

Revenue Costs
Gross Sales 346,400
Less Returns 1,000
Net 345,400
Starting Inventory 160,000
Purchases   90,000
Shipping Costs     2,000
Labor Costs   10,000
3rd Party Services 252,000
Subtotal 514,000
Less Ending Inventory 100,000
Total Costs 614,000
Gross Profit/Loss 200,000
Legal/Accounting Fees     2,000
Entertainment Expenses     5,000
Utility Services     1,000
Rent   10,000
Phone     1,000
Security Costs     2,000
Insurance   10,000
IT Services     5,000
Office Supplies     6,000
Loan Fees     7,000
Payroll   50,000
Advertising Costs     1,000
Storage Fees     1,500
Taxes/Licenses/Other fees     1,200
Owner''s Draw     1,000
Other     3,000
Other     1,200

Total Expenses
Net Operating Income


Other Income

Net Income $706,1000

Notes on Income Statement Example

To use this Example Income Statement, fill in the costs
in each section. All totals will be added automatically.

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