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Example of Home Shopping List Template

Example Home Shopping List

Kitchen Supplies     Personal Supplies     Vitamins and Supplements  
Dishwasher Detergent     Skin Blemish cleanser     Vitamin C, Daily Vitamin  
Liquid Dish washing Soap     Exfoliate/Cleansing creams     Quit Smoking aids  
Anti-bacterial Hand Soap     Wrinkle Cream     Stool Softeners, Constipation aids  
Oven/Stove top Cleaner     Moisturizer     Children's Vitamins  
Cleaning sponges/cloths     Shaving Cream     Cold Medicines  
Counter top Cleaners     Aftershave     Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen (other OTC medicines  
Mop     Men's/Women's Shavers     Men's/Woman's Shavers  
Broom     Toothpaste     Sleep aids  
Tile, Formica, Floor Cleaner     Toothbrush     Weight Loss aids  
Kitchen Gloves     Dental Floss     Vision aids, eye glass cleaners  
Scouring pads/Cleanser     Lotions      
Paper Towels     Sun block      
    Soap/Shower Gel      
    Wash cloth/Bath Pouf/Sponge      
Bathroom     Cosmetics     Yard & Garden Supplies  
Bleach     Foundation     Small Gardening Tools   
Sink, Toilet, Tub Cleaner     Lipsticks, Lip Pencils/stains/ balm     Shovel and/or Rake  
Toilet Scrubbing brush     Make-up Remover     Lawn fertilizers  
Soap Scum/Mildew Remover     Eye Shadow/Eye Liner     Hose  
Anti-bacterial Hand Soap     Mascara     Yard waste Disposal Containers  
Hand Towels     Blush/Rouge     Gardening Gloves  
Cleaning Cloths     Cosmetic Accessories, brushes, applicators     Pool/Spa Cleaners  
Laundry Room     Car Care Supplies     Other Household needs  
Laundry Soap     Car Wash Cleaner     Water filters  
Fabric Softener     Polish/wax        
Stain Remover     Vinyl or Leather Cleaner        
Bleach     Chrome polish        
Dryer Sheets     Heavy Duty Oil and Grease remover        
Laundry Hampers/Baskets     Windshield washer fluid        
    Cleaning Cloths        
Other Cleaning Supplies     Pet Care Supplies        
Furniture Polish     Pet Shampoo        
Carpet Powder     Pet Accident cleaner        
Window Cleaners     Pet Food        
Upholstery Cleaners     Pet Food/Water dishes        
Room Deodorizer     Pet Grooming Supplies        
Silver polish/chrome polish, other polishes              
Carpet/Furniture Stain Remover              

Notes on Home Shopping List Example

Use this Sample Home Shopping List to keep track of items needed for you home.
Use the items provided, or fill in the personal items you need that fit your
home needs. Additional space is included for extra items. This list can be printed
also if needed.

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