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Example of Grocery Shopping List Template

Example Grocery Shopping List

Meats  Toiletries Dairy
Ground chuck Soap/Shower Gel Milk  
Chicken Breast Deodorant Eggs  
Sirloin Steaks Toothpaste Cheese  
Pork Chops Moisturizer Sour Cream  
Bacon Shaving Cream Yogurt  
Deli Meat  
Fruits & Vegetables Vegetables Food Storage
Apples Broccoli Foil  
Oranges Corn Plastic wrap  
Bananas Lettuce Paper Towels  
Grapes Mushrooms Sandwich bags  
Lemons/limes Trash bags  
Broccoli Food Storage containers  
Breads/Pasta Medicines Baby Products
Breads Band aids Diapers  
Biscuits Cough drops Wipes  
Hamburger buns First Aid Cream Bottles liners  
Spaghetti Noodles Antacid Formula  
Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer Baby Food  
Cleaning Supplies Pet Items Ethnic Foods
Furniture Polish Dog Food Spaghetti Sauce  
Carpet Powder Cat Food Refried Beans  
Window Cleaners Cat Litter Salsa  
Dish Soap Taco Shells  
Laundry Soap Soy Sauce  
Canned Goods/Prepackaged Food Condiments, Spices & Baking Products Miscellaneous
Tomato Soup Ketchup Light bulbs  
Canned Tuna Mustard Batteries  
Chicken Broth Relish  
Tomato Sauce Mayonnaise  
Pancake Mix Barbeque Sauce  
Cereal Oregano  

Notes on Grocery Shopping List Example

Use this Example Grocery Shopping List to keep track of your Grocery Items.
Use the items provided, or fill in the items you need that fit your shopping
needs. Additional space is included for extra items. This list can be printed
also if needed.

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