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Check Book Register Excel Template

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Checkbook Register Name____________________________
Opening Balance: $10,000.00 Account Number____________________________

Date Check
Payee Name Transaction
Debits (-)
Credits (+)
Balance Reconciled
01/24/2010 160 First Mutual Mortgage Company Home Mortgage Payment $1,500.00 $8,500.00 Yes
02/02/2010 161 Local Power and Light Company Power Bill $150.00 $8,350.00 Yes
02/12/2010 Rose's Floral Shop Employer, Paycheck $1,000.00 $9,350.00
02/17/2010 162 Pizza Shop Pizza Delivery $24.67 $9,325.33
02/20/2010 Clothing Boutique Clothing Refund $100.00 $9,425.33

Notes on Check Book Register Template Example

To use this Example Checkbook Register simply fill in the information in the correct feilds.
Filling in your name and account number is optional, but a good way to keep multiple checking and savings accounts organized.
Opening Balance: Your current account balance.
The date the payment or deposit was made or the date the check was written.
Check Number: The check number.
Transaction Description: Briefly describe the transaction details.
Withdrawals, Payments, Debits (-): This column is for money spent from the account, any cash withdrawals, payments made, etc.
Deposits, Credits (+): This column is for money deposited into the account.
Balance: Displays the current balance of the account after each transaction.
Reconciled: Use this column to show that the transaction is correct and matches your bank statement.

  • To add additional rows, copy an empty existing row and paste below the last transaction.
  • All rows must be filled in, in order for the balance formula to work correctly,do not skip any rows between transactions.
  • If you need to completely delete a row, right click on the ROW NUMBER and choose "Delete Row".
  • Simply deleting the contents will delete all information including the balancing formula.

Download Excel Version of Check book register example
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