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Example of Nationalism

Nationalism is a form of chauvinism applied to a national identity. The national entity may be an ethnic or regional group, or a sector of the population of a country. The usual form of nationalism is hostility to other groups, and a demand for an idealized state of nationhood. Nationalism has regularly been the basis of dictatorships and oppression of minorities. Nationalism is also a common cause of revolutions.

Nationalism refers to the idea or doctrine that states a nation has the right to establish an independence from other countries and institute an independent political system based on that countries history and common beliefs. Nationalists define a nation based on that nations shared language, culture and shared values that represent a large portion of a specific ethnic group. A national identity is defined by these criteria as well as the shared heritage of the nation.

Examples of Nationalism:

National Front- European nationalists in various countries.
Dutch nationalism- The Dutch revolt against the Spanish Bourbons.
National Socialism- Appeal to German nationalism by Hitler.
Non-ideological nationalism- A nationalist view of things like immigration, refugees, imports, foreign ownership, etc.

Example of Nationalism from the 1800s

The Monroe Doctrine introduced on December 2, 1823 is an example of Nationalism from the 1800s. The Monroe Doctrine states that any further actions from European countries in interfering with states or efforts to colonize land in the Americas would be seen as act of aggression. The doctrine further stated that the United States would not interfere with existing European countries or meddle with their internal issues, and also stated that the Western Hemisphere was no longer open for colonization.

Example of Nationalism from World War 1

Nationalism was prevalent during World War I because countries had a heightened sense of self pride in their government and strength. This began with the assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand. This assassination led to Austria declaring war on Serbia, who had allies with Russia, who declared war on Germany. Each country unified to defend itself in the coming World War.

Nationalism Project
Nationalism: Selected Resources

Image Example of Nationalism:

Eugene delacroix - La liberté guidant le peuple ('freedom leads people') This painting is often used as symbol of french nationalism. It also shows the close connection between early nationalism and socialism. There are people from all social classes following a woman. That woman symbolises freedom. The message of painting is that the bad time of social separation is over and french people belong together as a nation.


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