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Example of Humanistic Perspective

A 'humanistic perspective' is by definition a perspective based on humanist values. A typical modern humanistic perspective is based on a series of principles including

  • Free thought
  • Reason
  • Ethics
  • Justice

and rejecting

  • Supernaturalism
  • Superstition
  • Pseudoscience

These are fundamental principles of humanism, and therefore built in to the 'humanistic perspective'.

Examples of Humanistic Perspective:

A bolt of lightning hits a shop which catches fire. The humanistic perspective is that the shop was not hit by supernatural forces, the shop owner is not being punished for some moral crime, and that the idea of the shop being targeted by a death ray is unlikely at best. The humanist perspective provides for reason, which notes that the shop was full of metal and was probably acting as a lightning rod.

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