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Example of Tsunami

A tsunami in common usage is an ocean wave generated by earthquakes or other geological events, including asteroid impacts, under the sea or related collapses of continental shelves. A tsunami is preceded by a stage known as 'drawback' during which the coastal waters may recede for hundreds of metres before the tsunami arrivesTechnically they are in fact a series of waves. Tsunamis have great destructive power, and may travel across oceans before making landfall. Some of the most destructive tsunamis occur in the areas adjacent to major earthquakes.

Examples of Tsunami:

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami devastated the region, killing thousands of people in South East Asia.
A Megatsunami was recorded in 1958 at Lituya Bay in Alaska, with a height of 524 metres or 1720 feet. The tsunami occurred in a fjord, raising its height.

Image Example of Tsunami:

Tsunami striking thailand on december 26, 2004.

Tsunami by hokusai 19th century.

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