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Example of Plasma

Physics: State of matter in the form of groupings of charged particles. Sometimes called 'ionized gas', usually lacking electrons. It's differentiated from gas by response to magnetic fields, in which it forms structures through reaction, like in a plasma lamp. May be positively or negatively charged. Plasma is the most common form of matter in the universe.
Medical: Liquid part of blood and lymphatic fluids. Plasma does not clot, is not cellular in nature and contains proteins and antibodies. Organic plasmas are the 'gel' of dissolved organic materials within cells.

Examples of Plasma:

Physics: Stars, nebulae and lightning.
Medical: Protoplasm and cytoplasm.

Image Example of Plasma:

A still screenshot of a typical plasma effect.

Plasma lamp, illustrating some of the more complex phenomena of a plasma, including filamentation. The colours are a result of relaxation of electrons in excited states to lower energy states after they have recombined with ions. These processes emit light in a spectrum characteristic of the gas being excited.

Composition of plasma display panel

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