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Example of Global Warming

Global warming is the concept that the world is being heated by human activity and emissions from human industry and vehicles. This concept has been studied for decades, and has generated a lot of controversy, but is widely held to be true. Models of global warming predict major polar ice melts, rising sea levels, severe weather, and serious deterioration of water resources, agriculture, and other essential human resources. Many governments are currently putting into place local policies to deal with global warming, and attempting to curb emissions. Alternative energy sources are also being widely deployed commercially to combat emissions and pollution.

Examples of Global Warming:

Islands sinking
Polar bears drowning
Biggest ice berg to be detected in the sea

Image Example of Global Warming:

This map shows the 10-year average (2000-2009) temperature anomaly relative to the 1951-1980 mean. The largest temperature increases are in the arctic and the antarctic peninsula.


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