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Example of Gas

A gas is a diffuse material comprised of particles in suspension in atmosphere or space. Gases exist in several natural forms: Atmospheric, solar, and spacial.

In complex mixes of discreet gases like Earth's atmospheres, which are a mixtures of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxides and sulfur compounds from natural and human combustion and industries, which interact with both other gases and natural or artificial compounds forming various natural cycles. Some gases are diffused in sea water, providing oxygen and carbon dioxide for many different forms of lifeOn other planets atmospheric gases are quite different, with different gases and different interactions. Gases can combine to form different materials. Artificial gases are gaseous forms of materials which are naturally in another state.

Examples of Gases:

Methane (CH4) aka 'swamp gas', a powerful fuel
Hydrogen: The most common element in the universe, a primary combinant in many materials like water.

Image Examples of Gases:

Gas phase particles (atoms, molecules, or ions) move around freely in the absence of an applied electric field.

The space shuttle main engine burns hydrogen with oxygen, producing a nearly-invisible flame at full thrust.

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