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Example of Gametic Isolation

Gametic isolation refers to a set of circumstances whereby gametes are isolated or separated from their matches by a medium or distance. This description also refers indirectly to reproductive isolation, in which a gamete cannot interact with the gametes of another species. These two quite different meanings aren't particularly good language usage, but are usually related to an obvious context to avoid confusion.

Examples of Gametic Isolation:

1. Fish spawn through a form of gametic isolation in that they discharge eggs and sperm into the water which then mix independently.
2. An isolated individual which cannot reproduce with another species and has no available mates is said to be in gametic isolation.

Image Example of Gametic Isolation:

In coral reefs, gamete incompatibility prevents the formation of numerous inter-species hybrids.

An example of reproductive isolation. A mule is the offspring of a horse and a donkey. They are always sterile, except in very rare documented cases.

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